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Can local customers find you?

Consumers no longer search for local businesses in the yellow pages. Those days are gone. Consumers are still searching for products and/or services, however it’s all happening digitally. They conduct a Google search because “my basement is flooded”. Or maybe the use their iPhone to instruct Siri to “Find a car parts store near me”. It could be that they are passing through town and use their GPS Navigation system to “find restaurants on my route”.


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After we submit your listings, your business will start to show up in our 100+ partner directories.

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Get more traffic to your door or to your website, with links that show up where people are looking for business like yours.

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CatalystLOCAL ensures that your critical business contact information is accurate and readily available in over 100 search engines (Google), web directories (, mapping providers (Apple + Google maps) and GPS companies (TomTom).


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Our Service Povides


  • Managed business data feeds for over 100 major search engines and applications
  • High placement for local searches on Google and other major search engines
  • White glove service when you’re business information requires updates. Just let us know and we’ll make sure it’s updated as soon as possible.

CatalystLOCAL Pricing Options


$49/MO (per location)


* Additional $99 startup fee



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$129/QTR (per location)


* Additional $99 startup fee

Save 12% = $72


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$409/YR (per location)


* No startup fee

Save 30% = $179


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