About Catalyst Creative Solutions

Catalyst Creative Solutions is an Oklahoma City based Design and Marketing Agency

We're a small group of dedicated professionals, talented people and web experts operating out of Nw OKC.

Catalyst Creative Solutions was created by Aaron Ellis in 2015. Prior to that, it was known as Ellis Media Properties. As Ellis Media Properties grew out of the freelance company that it had been for nearly 10 years, Aaron determined that "as we grow, noone is going to know who 'Ellis' is"...and Catalyst Creative was born. Aaron has spent the last 12 years developing Apps, softwares and Websites for business and continues to own his IOS and Android gaming company 452arts, LLC.


Today, Aaron runs Catalyst Creative Solutions with his wife, Natalie. Their sales, marketing and testing staff all come from the same mind of quality product and service and 100% client satisfaction...100% of the time. Our account reps do a tremendous job at, really, getting to know a client and their needs on an individual level to ensure complete customization and satisfaction.


NOTHING is done from a "template" or a "theme'...!!! Everything is tailored to a clients business; right down to colors used. Every site, App or Marketing Plan is designed FOR our clients; not just having their information filled into blanks.


We also realized that...there are MANY people out there that charge thousands of dollars for a site built in WordPress. Not much work...they don't offer services...and you're out the money...UP FRONT! Aaron wanted Catalyst Creative Solutions to be just that...SOLUTIONS. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could need for your website is an offering from Catalyst. Take a look at some of the following things they offer;


Website Design and Development

Domain Registration

Website Hosting

Analytics and Automated Weekly Reporting

Blog Engines

Email Marketing

Customer Relationship Managers (CRM)

InBrowser Content Management System (CMS)

Email Accounts

Single Sign-On Dashboard / Portal

....and so much MORE


Aaron wanted to become a one-stop-shop and to, truly, separate his company from the "set it and forget it" designers that are out there today. He wanted to build sites differently so that clients not ONLY have a beautifully crafted custom website but, instead,...a complete ONLINE BUSINESS.


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